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Ballet II

Ages 11-14 (55 min)

This is a level 2 ballet class intended for students aged 11-14 who have mastered the basics and want to continue their development of the body, technique, as well as learning combinations while expanding their ballet vocabulary.

Dress Code:

black leotard, pink tights, pink split-sole ballet shoes, skirt optional

Ballet I

 Ages 8-10 (55 min)

Ballet I is intended for students aged 8-10 who have studied the basics and are ready to focus on the development of the body, technique, skills, vocabulary and proper class etiquette in a more disciplined environment.  The development of the body is promoted through stretching, strengthening and focusing on correct body placement.  Barre is introduced at this level.

Dress Code:

light blue leotard, pink tights, pink split-sole ballet shoes, skirt optional

Beginner Dance

Beg Dance A Ages 5-7 Jazz & Tap (50 min)

Beg Dance B Ages 5-7 Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop (50 min)

Beginner Dance is a fun introduction to ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap intended for students aged 5-7.  Skills and vocabulary are introduced and taught relative to the age range. Focus is more specifically on proper vocabulary and movement.

Dress Code:

lavender leotard, pink convertible tights, pink split sole ballet shoes, Tap shoes, sneakers, jazz shorts and jazz shoes optional


 Ages 3-5 (45 min)

Pre-ballet is a fun introduction to ballet intended for students aged 3-5.  Students learn basic dance developmental skills through creative play, music and dance that motivate coordination and listening skills.  Students participate in a wide variety of free movement exercises that motivate coordination, attention and listening skills.  Social skills are also learned at this level as each student builds self-confidence and expresses their creativity.

Dress code:

pink loetard, pink tights, any color ballet shoes, skirt or tutu optional

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