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Expressions Dance Company

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Expressions Dance Company has auditions twice a year for our Company Dance.  Company is a jazz nad hip hop based team. Company members are exposed to dance training in a variety of genres and encouraged to push their limits and excel as individuals and as a team.  Students will be given multiple performance opportunities as we transition from a performance team to a competition team.


Expressions Dance Company’s performance team will hold our auditions for our 2018-2019  June 9 from 10am-11:30 pm, for ages 8-14.  Please register for auditions by calling the studio front desk at 210-362-1440, or emailing, to confirm attendance.

Audition cost is $10. 

After pre-registering, dancers should plan to arrive 15 minutes before auditions, to check in, complete any remaining paperwork, and to warm up.  Dancers should wear solid color leotards, tan or pink tights, and jazz shoes for the jazz portion of the auditions.  Dancers can put on jazz shorts over leotards for the jazz portion of the audition.  Leggings, a t-shirt and sneakers(no black soles) should be worn for the hip hop portion.  Hair should be neat and pulled back out of the face and off the neck.  Light makeup, minimal hair accessories and stud earrings are acceptable for auditions.

Expressions brings in outside judges to help evaluate auditioning dancers and to provide objective feedback for division placement.  Past attendance, work ethic, attitude and performance quality are considered during the evaluation process.  Dancers will be notified a few days after auditions of their results.  At least one parent and dancer are REQUIRED to attend a mandatory meeting on TBD to learn more about what will be required of them if they choose to accept their invitation into the company.  


Students MUST already be in a level 1 class to audition.

Students WILL commit to at least 4. 5 hours per week in their level, consisting of 2 core classes in ballet and/or jazz and hip hop, 1 stretch class plus 1. 5 rehearsal hours per week.  

***Before auditioning, parents should consider the timely and financial commitment of being part of Company Dance***

We will do 2-3 performances in the Fall and 2-3 performances in the Spring.   Performance students will be expected to attend performances throughout the year.  Company Dance dancers are required to enroll in at least one ballet or jazz class and one hip hop class from September through May.  Crew Dancers are required to enroll in at least two hip hop classes from September through May.

Your studio time will be increased. There may be more classes per week than you are used to taking with recreational classes. There will be required workshops or drop-in classes for some dancers like leaps & turns or ballet technique.  Company dancers must take classes during the summer. We require attendance six weeks out of eight for each required class.

Financial Obligations:
Consider tuition for the amount of hours that will be required.  Your initial tuition will cover your dancer’s company class.  Any class requirements above that will be offered at a discounted rate.  All Company and Crew dancers are entitled to enroll in unlimited classes at a reduced rate.  Consider the cost of costumes, which can range from $40-$60 each.  Shoes, accessories, and make up will be your responsibility. We usually do about 2 costumes per performance year.  This doesn’t include your dancer’s regular recital costume.

Studio/Office Hours:

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